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Many Congratulations On Picking Up Competeup!
You can now use the power of contests to get high optins even with cold traffic!

We are going to hold you by the hand and help you set up your campaigns.

But before you get there, we want you to present you with a massive opportunity!

If you have purchased earlier from me or my partner Karthik Ramani, you will know that we always put together an Agency license.

I am sure you picked Compete up because you know that this simple piece of software is going to build you a list like no other tool that you have ever seen..

Now imagine the number of businesses that can actually benefit from this service?
Who wouldn’t want to build their list?

Having a list in having everything in 2021 and businesses are waiting with loaded wallets to help them generate leads and build a list.

Would you be surprised if I told you that businesses are willing to pay top dollar for lead generation...

Allow Me To Present To You...
Competeup Agency
Here's The Ultimate Solution
Here's What Included In The Agency License
  • Manage 500 or Unlimited clients
  • Separate dashboard for customers
  • Your clients will have no idea about Competeup
  • Ability to add custom logo for your clients
  • Complete Accelerator pack to help you land clients
  • Done-for-you Agency Website to get started selling
  • ​Ability to add custom logo for your clients done-for-you Fiverr gigs
  • Done-for-you sales videos to help you sell Viral
  • ​Done-for-you FB Ads to get you high-paying clients
  • Done-for-you phone scripts
  • ​Done-for-you Fiverr gigs to easily start selling contests
Here's Everything That's Included
This will be added to your account once you upgrade
Add 500 Or Unlimited Clients
Now add or delete clients from your dashboard and assign specific campaigns to each client.

These clients will be able to login from an unbranded URL and see the campaigns assigned to them.

They can see and control what happens to the campaigns assigned to them.

They can even connect their Autoresponders and have access to other integrations.

The dashboard will give them all the stats that they need to know about the Viral contests that you are running for them.

Remember, they will never know about Competeup because they will login from an unbranded URL and you can even have a custom logo set for them on their dashboard.

Separate Unbranded client login
Your customers will never get to know that you are using Competeup to fulfill their service. They will have a separate dashboard with unbranded login. You can keep surprising them with your successful lead generation campaigns while they will never get to know your super-power which is Competeup!
Assign specific campaigns to your clients
You have complete control over what your clients get to see on their dashboard. They will only be able to see the campaigns that you have assigned them. Also you can add or delete clients at any time. You have all the power inside your Agency dashboard.
Add Custom logos for your clients
You can even add custom-logos to your client’s dashboard. All you need to do is upload your client’s logo while creating their login and it will appear on their dashboard. You will look super professional in front of your clients.
Let's Put a Small Value To This
We Will Be Ultra Conservative In This Example

Imagine having a $30 recurring month-month for providing the contest service.. (BTW which is way too low)

If you have 500 clients that is $15000 in recurring revenue every single month..

But you will be able to sell this for more..

You can take a huge one-time fee, charge a recurring or even charge per lead.

If I were you, I would pick the Unlimited option because there is really a ton of businesses out there who needs this service..

Come on.. Can you think of a Business that doesn’t need leads?


Literally every business you see is going to need this service and this is only a foot in the door opportunity. You’ll be able to upsell more & more services to the same clients..

Let me address the BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM..
How to get clients to offer this service?
With Competeup & the Agency dashboard you will be able to provide services..

But you need clients to provide services..


That’s precisely why we put together an AGENCY ACCELERATOR PACK!

We’ve spent 1000s of dollars perfecting the marketing materials that you need to land clients.

The best part is these are proven to convert and created by industry experts.

So you’ve nothing to worry about.

Here's Everything Included In The Agency Accelerator Pack!
Done-For-You Agency Pack
#1 - Done-For-You Agency Website ($1,000 Value)
The first & foremost that you need to sell anything & look professional is having a website. If you have ever created a website from scratch you know how difficult it is and most importantly how costly it is…

That’s why our in-house team of designers and web experts have put together an Agency website which you can simply customize and use as your own.

It is already filled with content that is needed to turn visitors into customers. If you hire a professional, it would cost you upward of $2000 for copywriting, designing, HTML and so on..

But today we have this included with our Accelerator pack so you can have your Agency website up & running in a few minutes.
#2 - Done-For-You Sales Videos ($1,000 Value)
Selling without videos is impossible in 2021. I am sure you watched the video on our sales page before you picked Competeup.

Most people prefer to watch a video rather than going through an entire sales page. If they like what they see on the video, they scroll down to get more information.

But if you don’t have a professional video they are most likely to not take you seriously..

And we don’t want that..
#3 - Done-For-You Email Swipes ($497 Value)
Once you have got some leads they are not going to become your customers unless you let them know the value your service is going to offer.

You have to reach them through emails.

We have got high-converting email swipes in place that will warm up your leads and convert them into paying customers.

All you need to do is copy & paste the swipes and email your leads.
#4 - Done-For-You Facebook Ads ($497 Value)
One of the smartest ways in this modern times is to find your potential customers on social media. To do that you need to run Ads. Not just any Ads but high-converting Ads.

Guess what?

We’ve included high-converting Ads with all the Ad copy & Design in place. You can simply swipe, place your Ads and watch the leads coming in!
#5 - Done-For-You Phone Scripts ($497 Value)
There are some clients where you need to do the talking more than emails. They can be convinced only with human interaction.

But don’t worry..

We are including the sales scripts created by our expert marketers & copywriters. All you need to do is read what is on the script and your prospect will turn into your client.
#6 - Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs ($497 Value)
One of the smartest ways to find clients & offer your Viral Lead generation service is to do a listing on Fiverr.

But we don’t want your listing to be lost amongst the 1000 other gigs and keep you waiting for weeks or months to get even a single job.

That’s why we got our professionals to work and we’ve designed the Gig that you need to be posting on Fiverr which will land you clients effortlessly.

There's Over $4,388 In Value With This Package!
Join NOW.. We will not be offering the Agency License post the launch period!
Upgrade to Competeup Agency NOW!

Elite Agency LIcense
  • 500 Clients
  • Ability To Manage Your Clients
  • Custom Branding on Clients Dashboard
  • Done For You Agency Website ($1,000 Value)
  • Done For You Sales Videos To Sell As a Service ($1,000 Value)
  • (5) Facebook Ads To Sell As a Service ($497 Value)
  • (5) Email Swipes To Followup With Clients ($497 Value)
  • (5) Done For You Fiverr Gigs ($497 Value)
  • Done For Your Phone Scripts ($497 Value)
Competeup Agency Elite
Premium Agency LIcense
  • Ability To Manage Your Clients
  • Custom Branding on Clients Dashboard
  • Done For You Agency Website ($1,000 Value)
  • Done For You Sales Videos To Sell As a Service ($1,000 Value)
  • (5) Facebook Ads To Sell As a Service ($497 Value)
  • (5) Email Swipes To Followup With Clients ($497 Value)
  • (5) Done For You Fiverr Gigs ($497 Value)
  • Done For Your Phone Scripts ($497 Value)
Competeup Agency Premium
You're Getting Our Ironclad
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
We offer a NO QUESTIONS asked 30-day Money Back Guarantee for ANY REASON!

Try the Agency License free for 30 days and if you find that it's just too easy to brand your account with unbranded domain, logo and the ease of adding clients... then let us know and we will give you every cent back.

Try the Agency License free for 30 days and if you find that selling services to clients for BIG CHUNKS of money is not for you.... then let us know and we will give you every cent back.

Try out the agency license for 30 days and if you find that you the accelerator pack was JUST TOO MUCH VALUE for you to handle, and it left you with NOTHING to do... drop us an email and we will refund you 100%. Trust us we got your back ;)
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